Spirit of Leadership LLC and Lake Erie College

Experiential Learning with Horses:

Professional Practitioner Certificate Program

2018: October 17-21










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This is an EAHAE accredited program


Spirit of Leadership LLC and Lake Erie College
Experiential Learning with Horses:
Professional Practitioner Certificate Program

2018: October 17-21

This certificate program features the Spirit of Leadership Approach, designed to prepare you in facilitating positive change guided by horses with people of all ages. The professional competencies you will develop as an Experiential Learning with Horses Practitioner can be applied in a variety of business, coaching, counseling and educational settings with broad range applications including working with individuals, families, groups, or organizations.

Faculty: Jackie Stevenson and the Pebble Ledge Herd of seven horses and a zebra.

Location: Pebble Ledge Ranch Novelty Ohio 44072 USA (limited lodging on the ranch)

Program Focus:


  • Engage with horses entering the world of Horse and Herd as their guests rather than bringing horses into the human world


  • Develop our ability to deeply listen to our inner voice, to listen deeply to others, to listen to the horse, to listen to the world around us for what is essential to know, and to listen for the best possible outcome and be there to greet it.

  • Strengthen our capacity to coach people guided by horses and to deliver leadership and team building retreats with the guidance of horses.

  • Learn creative approaches and experiential learning activities with horses for professional development and personal discovery, spiritual awakening and healing.

  • Deepen our relationship with horses to bring out the best in each other and our horses.


We will be working with a natural herd of seven horses and one zebra. You will have the opportunity throughout the training to practice what you learn.


The format of the 2018 Experiential Learning with Horses Practitioner Certificate Program will be four and a half days. Each day will provide experiential learning with horses and nature and facilitation practice with people guided by horses.


Fee: US$ 2,550.00


Program Times:   October 17-21, Wednesday 3:30 - 8:30pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:00 am - 5:30pm, and Sunday 8:30am - 2:00pm.




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EAHAE International (former "European") Association for Horse Assisted Education


Non-profit business-unit of G&K HorseDream GmbH Private Academy for Horses, Leadership and Communication

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EAHAE was founded by Gerhard Krebs (HorseDream) in August 2004. Since then HorseDream leads EAHAE as a part of its business. Membership fees and payments for special services go directly into the support of the community, namely administration of all EAHAE activity (website, social media) promoting EAHAE, sponsoring the conference and coaching and supporting the members.


EAHAE is a support platform, on which every member can develop her/his horse assisted education business.  For the EAHAE community, it is essential we hold and adhere to certain values.


Above all is trust. Further, we encourage caring, collaborative business and not a competitive business. It is the core of the EAHAE values that we collaborate on an equal level. Regarding our horses, we consider them as trainers, not as tools.


These core values are a substantial and essential facet of the HorseDream Train the Trainer Seminar, which qualifies for EAHAE membership. If it is felt by the board that these values are being compromised, then membership can be revoked.